Cookies at uses cookies as most other websites do. Cookies are necessary for some of the main functionality in the webshop. On this page you can read more about what a cookie is, and how cookies are used at

We also supply some information on what to do if you wish to delete cookies or not accept the use of cookies at all on the websites you visit.

You can also see who our technical partners and other service providers are, who process data on our behalf as part of their involvement with development, maintenance and operation of


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file which is saved to your computer, tablet or phone when you browse a website or use an online service. Cookies are not software (programs), they do not contain viruses, and they do not access your programs, files etc. A cookie is not a threat to your computer.

Cookies are used for a number of common purposes on a website, e.g. to make it possible for your to log on with a user profile, to remember your preferences and customised settings for the website or online service you are using, or to gather general statistics and knowledge about how the website is used by its visitors in order to be able to improve it. Cookies can come from the website you visit or from other online services which are used in connection with the website you are visiting, e.g. social media services or tools for web statistics.

Cookies will often have a limited lifespan, and they are automatically deleted from your unit when they expire. The lifespan of cookies can vary depending on their purpose. Some types will not have a build in expiration date. When cookies are used for the purpose of temporarily remembering certain information or choices while you browse a website or use specific functionality, they will usually be automatically deleted immediately after the session ends. You can delete cookies which have been saved to your unit through your internet browsers settings, and you can also choose to opt out entirely from the use of cookies when you browse the internet.


For what purposes do we use cookies?

Web statistics

We gather statistical information about our user’s behavior in order to be able to continuously improve, attract visitors, and give our customers a better and more customized user experience in the webshop. We use this for general website optimization, digital marketing, and customized product recommendations for the individual user.

We use Google Analytics to gather general statistics about the use of, which supply us with insights into e.g. visitor numbers, popular pages in the webshop, and how users move around between pages, or find us to begin with among all the other online offers.

We use Raptor Smartadvisor, via our service provider d60, to gather information about products in the webshop, e.g. which products that are often looked at or bought together, in order to be able to present our users with the most popular titles, related books, and give relevant recommendations to the individual user on My page.

Both of these services save cookies to the user’s unit as part of the tracking process.



When you log in to the webshop with your user profile, saves a cookie to your unit. Login is not possible without the use of cookies, since it is the cookie that makes your browser remember that you are actually logged in while you browse the webshop.

A login cookie is automatically deleted again after a few weeks, in which you have not been logged in to the webshop. If you log in again before the login cookie expires the cookie will be renewed (a new expiration date will be set). If the cookie has expired a new one will be saved the next time you log in. If you log out before you leave the website (instead of just closing down the browser or going to another web address), the login cookie will be deleted from your unit.


Functionality depending on your specific choices

When you add products to your shopping cart it is also a cookie from that remembers the contents of your cart while you continue to browse the webshop. This cookie is deleted when you complete your purchase in checkout or when its lifespan expires (e.g. if you do not complete the checkout process in the session).

If you apply a coupon code discount to your order, this also requires a cookie. If you make use of the possibility of saving a reading list to your user profile (My page) it is a cookie that remembers your choice, until you have actually logged in. When you log in the temporary reading list cookie is deleted and your choice of reading list (university, study, and semester) is instead saved to your user profile. also uses a temporary cookie whenever you fill out a webform in the webshop to make sure that the information you enter is send of correctly, when you submit it. These types of cookies are deleted immediately after submission.

We also use cookies to remember your interaction with pop-up windows at, e.g. to avoid showing you a pop-up which you have already seen at every visit. When you accept the use of cookies at this choice is off course also remembered by a cookie.


Social media services

When social media services like for example Facebook and Google+ are used in connection with these services saves cookies to your unit.

At you will find a box showing content from our Facebook page. In this context, Facebook saves cookies to the user’s unit and the same applies when you for instance ”like” content on, share a book with Facebook connections via links at the site, or if you connect your user profile at with your Facebook account and log into with this.

At you may also find videos from e.g. YouTube or Vimeo, or Google maps. These types of online services will typically also save a cookie to your unit, when you use them.


How do you delete or not accept the use of cookies?

You can always clear the cookies that, other websites or online services has saved to your unit. You do this in the settings for your internet browser. In the browser’s setting options you have several options, for example to clear cookies for a specific domain, e.g., or to clear cookies automatically everytime you close down a browser session. You can also choose to not accept cookies at all from any website you visit with the browser.

It is however important to note, that there are quite a few both ordinary and more specialized functionality on and other websites that will not work as intended and that you may not be able to use at all, if you generally disallow cookies.

If you use different browsers when you browse the internet, you will need to adjust the settings for how you prefer cookies to be handled in each browser.

Via the links below you can find guides to how you adjust your cookie settings in different internet browsers:



If you do not wish to contribute to the collection of web statistics via Google Analytics in general when you browse the internet, Google Analytics supplies a plug-in for installation in your browser which ensures that traffic statistics are not send to Google Analytics from your browser. Read more and get the Google Analytics plug-in here.


Who are our technical partners and other service providers? is run by Academic Books, which is part of SL fonden. Address, contact information, CVR/ VAT number etc. are found in the Contact section. We work with a number of external partners and vendors in the development, maintenance and operation of, who store and process data on behalf of SL fonden/ Academic Books. External partners and vendors who perform such tasks are associated with SL fonden/ Academic Books by contract and are required to handle data in a sensible, responsible and safe manner.

The information that is supplied us via cookies (or by users on the website in general) is only used by SL fonden/ Academic Books in accordance with the purpose for which it has been supplied, or on our behalf by external technical partners and vendors. is made up of two main parts: a webshop based on the CMS Drupal and an ERP system beneath the webshop interface in which orders, customer and product details are managed and processed.

The webshop is developed by the Norwegian bureau Ny Media A/S. Ny Media handles technical development, maintenance and operation of the website, including servers and databases.

The ERP-system beneath is developed and maintained by the Danish company Schilling A/S, including server operation and technical maintenance of the system.

Distribution of printed books is handled by DBK Logistik service, which process orders and products for delivery via PostDanmark or SwipBox. SwipBox has TNT Express as their transportation partner. In certain rare circumstances we may make use of other private companies providing professional delivery services.

E-books are supplied by the Danish Campus E-books. CEB registers e-book orders from the webshop and supply the customer with a link to download the purchased product via the customer’s user profile (My page) at academicbooks,dk CEB and their technical suppliers also handles technical support issues from our customers via Customer Services.

The tracking of user behavior and purchase tendencies at, and generation of so-called ”intelligent recommendations” of relevant products for the individual user, are handled via the service Raptor Smartadvisor which is supplied by the Danish company d60, who stores and manages these data on our behalf.

For newsletter and reading list mail services we use a solution provided by the Danish bureau Peytz & Co., who operates the service and distributes emails, stores data and handles mail list administration.

In addition to the above, we use common online services in connection with General user and web statistics are gathered in Google Analytics, and if a user creates or connects his or her profile at with a Facebook account and use this to log in with, the user accepts that basic user information is shared from Facebook to