If you do not find the answer to your question here, feel free to write or call us

”Sold out from the publisher ” – can I get the book anyway?

Unfortunately you will not be able to buy the book from us, since the publisher has no intention of reprinting the book. The book might, however, be available in another edition that is still in stock. If you want to find out whether there is another edition of the book, feel free to contact us You can also try to find the book second hand on an online site, e.g. pensum.dk

”Delivery time unknown” – when will the book arrive?

This is the publisher’s term for unknown delivery time. ”Unknown delivery time ” means that the publisher has not considered if or when the book will be reprinted. If you see this text next to a book from a foreign publisher, it means that the publisher does not have the book in stock. You need to check if the book has not been published yet or if the book will not be reprinted at a later date.

When will my order be delivered?

The expected delivery time for your order will be available on your order confirmation. You will receive this by e-mail. If you order more than one book and each book has its own delivery time, we will send all the books in one package. All orders are shipped as packages with the Danish Postal Service. Once we have shipped your order, you will usually receive it on the following weekday. You can read more about delivery here

Where are my books?

When you ordered your books, you should receive an order confirmation within an hour of your order approval. If you did not receive an order confirmation, your order probably did not get through to us. If you were logged in when you placed your order, you can see where your order is in the order process

What are the shipping costs of my order?

You can see the shipping costs of your order here

Can I have my order shipped abroad?

Consumers as well as corporate businesses can have their orders send abroad. We recommend that you keep notice of the tax rules that apply when shipping abroad. Corporate businesses within the EU: A VAT registered company will not be charged with VAT, if the following applies: 1) The commodity is physically transported to another EU country, 2) the EU VAT number of the buyer is registered in another EU country than Denmark and must appear on the invoice. If one of these conditions is not fulfilled, the buyer will be charged with Danish VAT. Thus, it is always necessary that the commodity leaves Denmark, and that the EU VAT number of the buyer appears on the invoice. Consumers within the EU: Danish VAT will be charged. Corporate businesses and consumers outside the EU: Danish VAT will not be charged. You can read more about shipping prices here. Please contact our costumer service, if you want to have your books shipped outside Denmark.

Why can’t I pay using a giro?

Private consumers and students cannot pay by giro. If you represent a corporate business, you can fill in the formula, get a corporate business agreement and thereby be able to pay by giro.

How do I pay, when I have ordered online but want to pick up my order in one of your bookstores?

You pay for your books when you pick them up in the bookstore you have chosen in the order process. You can pay by credit card or cash and you have to provide the order confirmation in print or on an online device when paying in the bookstore.

I tried to log in, but it says that my e-mail address does not exist?

The most likely cause for this is that you have not created a user profile. You can do this right here

How do I create my curriculum?

You can create “My curriculum” by 1) choosing your educational institution, 2) your study and 3) your semester. Afterwards you have to fill in some information about yourself and then you are ready. Create ’Create My Curriculum.’