Our history

During November 1967 a group of students of the Copenhagen Business School (named CBS today) opened a small book shop. The goal was to order cheap books for students. The book shop was eventually named Samfundslitteratur and was an independent institution. Later this turned into Den erhvervsdrivende fond Samfundslitteratur. This was a non-profit organisation and students were a part of the board of directors. Any profits from the organisation that were not used for consolidation were returned to the students as price reductions, improved service and support for social and professional activities at the studies.

This is how it all started, and this is how it is today. Today we are called Academic Books and are still owned by the fund that has turned into the SL Fund. We have the same purpose, we are still non-profit and students are still a part of the board of directors.
We have grown since 1967. In 1992 we moved outside the scope of CBS for the first time an opened at book shop at Roskilde University. In 2004 we took over the book shop at LIFE (which at that time was called the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University). In 2009 we opened Academic Books with another four book stores at the University of Copenhagen. In 2010 we took over the Atheneum Book Shop which is placed in the heart of the old student quarters of Copenhagen.
Today the SL Fund runs our book shops and a series of academic publishers. The flag ship of the publishers is Samfundslitteratur which focuses on the good academic textbook. Other members of the family are Roskilde Universitetsforlag Biofolia, Nyt fra Samfundsvidenskaberne, CBS Press and Forlaget Metropol.