Students on the board of directors

Students continue to be the focus of everything we do. Academic Books was founded by students and today we have book shops at the University of Copenhagen, Roskilde University and CBS.


The majority of the members of our board of directors are students or former students, who all represent the interest of the students. The board is consulted on all major decisions. In this way we never lose touch with the educational institutions and what it means to be a student.

The students on our board of directors are also helping us to ensure that we stay on the right course and never compromise with our purpose from 1967: To provide cheap curriculum books for everyone – in the correct edition and in time for the semester start.

SL fondens bestyrelse

  • Thomas Kjølhede (student & chairman)

    Studying International Business at CBS. Studied prior HA (comms) - Business Administration and Business Communication.

    "I have chosen to be a member of the board, due to the combination of being part of a professional board and at the same time help students to improve access to knowledge for students."

  • Nickels Mandrup Köhling (student)

    27 years old, student of Economics at the University of Copenhagen. Holds a bachelor degree in rhetoric.


    "I have chosen to be a member of the board because with my extensive interest in books - both academic and literary I feel I can contribute to the good work the foundation carries out."

  • Søren Stahlfest Møller (graduate)

    MSc in Business Administration from CBS (1991). Currently Financial Director of Banedanmark.

    “The best part of being on the board of directors of the SL Fund is to be able to contribute to the continuous development of the organisation, so it appears as a well-run unit and can continue to fulfil the wishes and needs of the students in the future.”

  • Nisse Jakob Krenchel (graduate)

    MSc in Business Administration from CBS (1995). Currently Chief of Innovations at Alm. Brand A/S

    “It is very rewarding to be on the board of directors. First of all, the purpose of the fund is idealistic – and concerning this I find it motivating to work for the students rather than a group of shareholders. Secondly, I have had the pleasure of working with some incredibly talented students.”

  • Martin Lund (graduate)

    Bac.scient.pol and cann comm. Senior Marketing Consultant at SimCorp.

    “I have been working as an advisor for many years, and sometimes you simply do not understand the choices that organisations make. The opportunity to see the world through the eyes of a board of directors and to actually see what happens in the minds of the ones with the highest responsibility has been of tremendous value to me.”

  • Susanne Noyé Bendixen (employee representative)

    Works in the accounting department on Rosenørns Allé. Has been working with Academic Books (formerly Akademisk boghandel) for nearly 25 years.

    “It is nice to be able to lift yourself above the everyday work and get an overview of the entire organisation and talk about the big picture. Furthermore it is very interesting to listen to the attitudes and opinion of the student representatives.”

  • Annette Bank (employee representative)

    Daily manager of the book shop at CBS since 2003. Has been in the book trade since 1991. CBS Undergraduate of Small Business & Retail Management, and starts HD part II – Organisation & Management.

    “The best part of being a member on the board of directors is that I can influence the direction of the organisation, and how we have to navigate in a marked that is as much in flux as the book market is.”

  • Dan Gildin Kragelund (employee representative)

    Cand.comm. and works with publishers' contact with teachers, researchers and bookstores.

    "SLfonden is helping to educate the country's youth and I think that's an important and honorable duty. As a member of the board of directors I have the opportunity to influence these core tasks - and hopefully make a difference for students, researchers and foundation staff."

Lokalbestyrelsen på RUC

  • Mikkel Sørensen (student)

    21 years old, studying BSc Business Administration at the fifth semester, with the desire to continue at London School of Economics. Chairman of RUC'ers by Choice.

    "My interest in the board is to ensure that students get a simple, easy and user-friendly access to their study materials within walking distance from their studies. FurthermoreI want to ensure that our fund supports the projects that are valuable to the students and their university based on a wide Set of both social and professional interests. "

  • Theis Lykkegaard (student)

    24 years old. Student of Social Science and Journalism (RUC).

    "Being the member of the board gives me an insight into RUC, which students usually take for granted. I work to improve the study environment, and a good and vibrant bookstore is also a part of this."

  • Thyge Enevoldsen (elected by the local board)

    PhD, cand.scient, Cultural Geographer from the University of Copenhagen. Head of Study at the International Basis Studies in Social Sciences

    “The best part of being a member of the board is that it gives me a possibility to follow the activities of the students in the SL Fund.”