Gentle Reminders. Dodinsky.  9781631062209

Gentle Reminders

Simple Truths for a Meaningful Life

Everyone wants a meaningful life. They need it now. This book, Gentle Reminders delivers instant infusions of inspirations and motivation. Just as expresso can pick up a mid afternoon slump, this book can quickly energize the reader with its pithy, memorable sayings. It gently enourages the reader to recognize that the power to create a more meaningful life already lies within them. The pages are full of captivting dream-like images that engage the imagination, while the words gently uplift the spirit. Gentle Reminders is a buy-one- for-me and several -as-gift- kind of book.

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  • Forlag: Rock Point
  • Udgivet: 2016
  • Sider: 96
  • ISBN: 9781631062209

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