Why Don't Cats Go Bald. Skip Sullivan.  9781599215501

Why Don't Cats Go Bald

Skip Sullivan

This is a very funny book of fascinating facts about feline psychology, behavior, and health, with unique insight about cat traits we thought were inexplicable. This is not a book just for cat lovers but for any reader who loves entertaining nature books such as "Why Do Men Have Nipples?" and "Do Fish Drink Water?" This book offers real medical answers to hard-to-answer questions about feline anatomy, health, behavior, and psychology, written with a perfect-pitch sense of humor. The book is organized into useful, practical chapters. Why Don't Cats Go Bald? In human beings baldness is usually associated with testosterone levels, but most of my patients have low testosterone levels because they have been castrated. Once again, do not try this at home!In actuality, cats do have a pattern baldness - it just isn't on the top of their head. Cats generally go bald in the groin area. It's known as feline estrogen alopecia, which means hormonally-caused baldness. Generally, it's not related to age. Hormonally problems in cats are difficult to understand, so we don't really know the cause. We also don't know very much about the social implications.
Why do cats suddenly start racing around the house for no apparent reason? We call this strange behavior 'crazy hour'.As the most highly evolved predator on the planet, cats are perfectly designed for hunting ...Hunting requires long periods of stalking and waiting, punctuated by a sudden and furious burst of activity as they go for the kill. During these periods, cats sleep, rest, and conserve energy. House cats average 17 hours of sleep a day, particularly on days when 24 or Lost aren't on television. In mouse-free environments, cats lack prey, and these long periods of rest are interrupted by bursts of activity that mimic a cat's natural behavior - the capture of food prey. The stored energy eventually has to be released.

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  • Forlag: Globe Pequot Press
  • Udgivet: 2008
  • Sider: 240
  • Udgave: 1
  • ISBN: 9781599215501

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