Novel Approaches to Organizational Project Management Research. Ralf Muller. Shankar Sankaran. Nathalie Drouin.  9788763002882

Novel Approaches to Organizational Project Management Research

Translational and Transformational
Ralf Muller
Shankar Sankaran
Nathalie Drouin

In the past two decades, the field of project management has expanded its focus from the study of a single project to the way an organization uses projects to achieve its strategic goals.

Novel Approaches to Organizational Project Management Research broadens research methods and theory perspectives, drawing on contemporary approaches such as action research, soft systems methodology, activity theory, actor-network theory and other approaches adopted in related scientific and technological areas that are only recently being adopted.

The book is expected to provide guidance to the fundamental questions driving the research design, the type of knowledge being investigated, and the worldview and value systems of the researcher. It also includes reflexive methodologies and dialectical approaches to link theory and practice that could add to the richness of research in project management.

Thereby the book supports transdisciplinary, translational and transformational approaches for conducting OPM research using contemporary approaches.

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  • Forlag: CBS Press
  • Udgivet: 2013
  • Sider: 478
  • Sprog: Andre
  • Type: pdf
  • ISBN: 9788763002882


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