Basic English Grammar. Birger Andersen.  9788759332047

Basic English Grammar

Birger Andersen

To be able to communicate effectively in a foreign language, a fundamental insight into the grammar of the foreign language in question is required.&nbsp

Basic English Grammar is a fundamental introduction to the grammar of the English language, both basic sentence analysis and the fundamental grammatical aspects of the major word classes. &nbsp
The grammar is basic in the sense that it assumes only the most fundamental knowledge of English grammar. It is thus suited as a textbook for introductory courses in English grammar at business colleges, colleges of education, business schools and universities, but it can also be used for self-tuition. &nbsp
Although Basic English Grammar is an introduction to English grammar, it does not conceal the fact that there are disagreements among grammarians about the analysis of specific grammatical phenomena. In such instances, the book points out disagreements in an attempt to make readers think about grammatical phenomena.

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  • Forlag: Samfundslitteratur
  • Udgivet: 2018
  • Sider: 240
  • Sprog: Andre
  • Udgave: 3
  • ISBN: 9788759332047

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