10X For Christ

  • Mount Tabor Media
  • 2019
  • 337
  • eng
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  • 9781642792638

This daily devotional journal shares Bible verses, prayers and personal reflections to help you discover the ten-fold power and wisdom of God's love. Coming to faith as an adult, Carlos E. Rosales III experienced many challenges to his faith. But he soon learned that God's Word can help him meet those challenges ten times over. Led by the Holy Spirit, Carlos found deep meaning in chapter one of the Book of Daniel, in which four young Jewish men make a stand for the God they serve while under a King's captivity. In the end, the King finds that these bold men have ten times the wisdom of his best magicians. This devotional journal guides you on a path to living with that same boldness in your walk with Christ. Each of the five 10-week studies explores key elements to a 10X life, such as journeying from forgiveness, recognizing that everyone is a masterpiece in God's eyes, and more. Incorporating these lessons into your life will help you find your greater purpose, allowing God's plan to bring you peace and abundant joy.