• Brilliance Corporation
  • 2011
  • Audio
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  • Sproget er ikke defineret
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  • 9781455846832

77 Shadow Street


Enter the world of the Pendleton: The original owner became a recluse - and was rumored to be more than half mad - after his wife and two children were kidnapped in 1896 and never found. The second owner suffered a worse tragedy in 1935, when his house manager murdered him, his family, and the entire live-in staff...Craftsmen and laborers working on renovations disappear or go mad...For years, the Pendleton is a happy place, until a bad turn comes again...Voices in unknown languages are heard in deserted rooms, everywhere and nowhere...Disturbing shadows move along walls but have no source...Images on security monitors show strange places that exist nowhere in the building or its grounds...A young boy talks of an imaginary playmate - who turns out to be terrifyingly real...A figure like a man but clearly inhuman is glimpsed in the courtyard gardens at night and in other locales, perhaps a hoaxer of some kind, seemingly oblivious of those who see it - until it suddenly takes an interest in one of them...

598,00 kr.