• Open Road Media Teen & Tween
  • 2014
  • 314
  • CA
  • Udgave er ikke defineret
  • 9781497685345

When Luke and Mandy start experiencing strange hallucinations and blackouts, they know something is seriously, out-of-this-world wrong Luke Ingram is on his way home one evening when the sky goes black and seems to swallow him wholebut four hours later he wakes up in his own room with no idea how he got there. And Luke isn't the only one experiencing these strange occurrences. The last thing Mandy Durgin remembers before waking up on her front porch is falling asleep in her bed hours before. When their creepy classmate Quentin starts following them around and harassing them, Luke and Mandy realize Quentin may know more about their lost time than he's letting on. They know something isn't right, but what could possibly have caused them to black out at the same time? And why are they having the same terrifying hallucinations about cold operating tables and large, bug-like eyes? Mandy knows there has to be a rational explanation, but Luke isn't so sure. Those faces in his visions were so ... alien. Still, the thought of alien abductions is absurd. But when Luke and Mandy black out again the next night, Luke is ready to consider the possibility that their troubles might have an extraterrestrial cause.