• Sandstone Press Ltd
  • 2017
  • Paperback
  • 80
  • gla
  • 1
  • 9781910985755

A'Choille Fhiadhach


B' esan an caraid a b' fhearr aice san sgoil. De an diofar nan robh a' chlann eile a' magadh oirre? Bha Anna toilichte le Pipkin, caraid a mac-meanmna. Ach dh'fhas i mor agus dh'fhalbh cairdeas a h-oige. Bha e nas sporsail a bhith a' conaltradh le fior-bhalaich air an eadar-lion, gus an latha a ruith an dealan a-mach. Bhon uair sin tha saoghal Anna air tuiteam as a ceile. An taigh na theine, a parantan marbh agus Pipkin air tilleadh. Ostracised at school because of her parents' eccentricity, Anna coped by inventing an imaginary friend called Pipkin, but when she started chatting to boys on the internet she soon forgot her childhood companion. Now a fuel crisis has thrown the island into chaos, leaving Anna without her social lifeline, and suddenly Pipkin is back, but this time he's real and more sinister than she ever dreamt he could be. With the villagers rioting and the neighbours threatening her family, Anna escapes to the forest, but can she escape from Pipkin? Lasag's series of Gaelic readers offers young adults a range of engaging, easy-to-read fiction, with English chapter summaries and glossaries to assist Gaelic learners.

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