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Actas del XXVI Congreso Internacional de Lingüística y de Filología Románicas. Tome II


The annals of the XXVI Congress of the Société de Linguistique Romane bring together some 500 lectures on 16 subjects: phonetics and phonology, morphology and syntax, semantics, lexicology/phraseology, morphology, onomastics, sociolinguistics, language geography, pragmatics, communication analysis, textual linguistics of earlier language stages, electronic media, translation studies, creole languages, Vulgar Latin, and linguistic history. Also included are ten plenary lectures and five round table discussions. The papers, written solely in the Romance languages (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian), offer a current panorama of Romance linguistics, its present-day fields of research, as well as the latest bibliographic information.

570,00 kr.

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