Active Directory Cookbook

  • O'Reilly Media, Inc, USA
  • 2009
  • Paperback
  • 1056
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  • 3
  • 9780596521103

If you need practical hands-on support for Active Directory, the new edition of this extremely popular Cookbook provides quick solutions to more than 300 common - and uncommon - problems you might encounter when deploying, administering, and automating Active Directory to manage users in Windows Server 2008 and Exchange 2007. With valuable input from Windows administrators, this updated version by Laura E. Hunter relies on experience to bring you sound recipes for the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode), multi-master replication, Domain Name System (DNS), Group Policy, the Active Directory Schema, and many other features.
"Active Directory Cookbook" will help you: perform Active Directory tasks from the command line; use scripting technologies to automate Active Directory tasks; manage new Active Directory features, such as Read-Only Domain Controllers, fine-grained password policies, and more; create domains and trusts; locate users whose passwords are about to expire * Apply a security filter to group policy objects; check for potential replication problems; restrict hosts from performing LDAP queries; and, view DNS server performance statistics. Each recipe includes a discussion explaining how and why the solution works, so you can adapt the problem-solving techniques to similar situations. "Active Directory Cookbook" is ideal for any IT professional using Windows Server, particularly Active Directory administrators looking to automate their task-based solutions.

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