Adapting to Cultural Pluralism in Urban Classrooms

  • Taylor & Francis Ltd
  • 2020
  • Paperback
  • 188
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  • 9780367637026

This book helps teachers explore the origins of differing value structures in safe forums. It uses guided cross-cultural exchanges to help break down prejudices and foster an appreciation of other cultures and the essence of a common humanity. Acknowledging the inextricable link between cultural and structural factors in the plight of vulnerable student populations, this work focuses on how to help counter prevailing disparities in perceptions and expectations within school settings. Designed primarily for teacher candidates, this book offers educators a forum for recognizing the impact of primary backgrounds in teaching and learning.

Adapting to Cultural Pluralism in Urban Classrooms focuses on four elements in the teaching/learning process: school climate; the views and expectations of teachers in solidarity with principals and policy makers; teacher interactions with students and parents; and the centrality of reflection to improve practice. It offers tools to support cultural adaptations that enhance the academic success of inner-city students served by predominantly white and more privileged teachers.

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