Advances in Engineering Research

  • Nova Science Publishers Inc
  • 2020
  • Hardback
  • 260
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  • 9781536181050

Volume 36 explores how the coordinated operation of various sources, usually renewable ones with energy storage, is integral to hybrid power systems. Hybrid power systems may vary from few watts to moment magnitude-scale providing energy services. This compilation also approaches for the optimisation of looped water distribution networks supplied from one or more sources, according to demand variation. In one study, 1-degree of freedom and 2-degree of freedom proportional-intergral-derivative and fractional order proportionalintegral-derivative controllers have been designed and applied for the control of a Maglev system. The parameters of the 1- and 2-degree of freedom proportional-intergral-derivative and fractional order proportional-intergral-derivative controllers are tuned by the Cuckoo Search algorithm based on the swarm intelligence approach. In the penultimate chapter, the effect of neglecting either one accumulation term in the energy balance or the energy balance all together in numerical predictions is investigated. Finally, we consider the batch rectification of an acetic acid-water-ethyl acetate ternary mixture. Additionally, the authors discuss management cost analysis, a procedure that can cause major impacts on the economy of a particular activity. Constant observation and efficient monitoring are important to the estimated costs in the planning of mining.

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