Advances in Food Biochemistry

  • Taylor & Francis Inc
  • 2009
  • Hardback
  • 522
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  • 9780849374999

Understanding the biochemistry of food is basic to all other research and development in the fields of food science, technology, and nutrition, and the past decade has seen accelerated progress in these areas. Advances in Food Biochemistry provides a unified exploration of foods from a biochemical perspective. Featuring illustrations to elucidate molecular concepts throughout the text, this volume examines a range of issues on the food spectrum, including:

water and its relation to food
the glycobiology of food components
plant, animal, and human hormones
functional foods, herbs, and dietary supplements
flavor compounds in foods
organic acids
interactions between the environment with food components
biological and lipid oxidation in foods
food safety
nutrition and the genetic makeup of individual food components

Dr. Fatih Yildiz has published an extensive body of research and has worked on food and nutrition science projects with the FAO, UNIDO, UNICEF, and NATO. Recently he received the Ambassador for Turkey Award from the European Federation of Food Science and Technology. Dr. Yildiz and the contributors to this volume have brought together their decades of experience and expertise to provide a top-notch resource for food science and policy professionals and advanced students on the cutting edge of food research.

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