Advertising and Chinese Society

  • CBS Press
  • 2020
  • E-bog
  • 0
  • English
  • 1. udgave
  • 9788763099950

Unlike those on a commercial slant, this book provides readers with an understanding of the two-way relationship between advertising and Chinese society.

Major issues addressed in this 14-chapter volume include:

  • Rising consumerism

  • Consumers' attitudes towards advertising and reactions to advertising appeals

  • Cultural messages conveyed in advertisements

  • Gender representations

  • Sex appeal

  • Offensive advertising

  • Advertising law and regulation

  • Advertising to children and adolescents

  • Symbolic meanings of advertisements

  • Public service advertising

  • New media advertising and its social impact.

Contributed by a group of prominent scholars on Chinese advertising research from the fields of communication, journalism, and marketing, this book resorts to a variety of research techniques including:

  • Content analysis

  • Survey, experiment

  • Semiotic analysis

  • Secondary data analysis

The book aims at enhancing the sensitivity of scholars and practitioners interested in Chinese advertising to its social ramifications.