After His Departure

Af Sharma & Raja
  • 2014
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  • eng
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  • 9781312074910

&quote;No! is not true! Nothing can happen to my Papa. He had promised to come home on the day of my birthday. He can't be Ki...,&quote; said Pinky, collapsing onto the floor. Captain Kumar and Captain Sahani gently placed Mohini on the sofa and rushed towards Pinky. She had already fainted. Kumar said to Mohini, &quote;Please control yourself, madam. Look at your daughter. You should be brave enough to face the situation.&quote; Mohini continued to weep, covering her face with her hands. After His Departure Copyright Chapter One: Ill-Fated Morning Chapter Two: Pinky Chapter Three: Shattered Existence Chapter Four: Reflections Chapter Five: Face to Face Chapter Six: Obligation