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  • 2020
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  • 9781728364995

The time remaining for this earth is short. Both the Church and the world know this to be true. A transition of worlds is imminent. The eternal realms of heaven and hell are real and these realms are the only two choices offered to humanity for continuation after death. The Bible is intimidating for so many of its readers. Countless souls struggle to grasp, with clarity, the specific instructions outlined in the Word of God on how to correctly prepare for a glorious eternity with Jesus as opposed to unintentionally accepting an eternity of damnation with satan. This book, The Afterlife, is a compact, yet profound, overview of God's plan of salvation. Its contents are not founded on church denominations nor on popular secular and religious views. The Afterlife shows, through Biblical scriptures, God's expectations of righteousness for those who sincerely seek to live eternally with a righteous Savior.