American History through Its Greatest Speeches [3 volumes]

  • 2016
  • Hardback
  • 1153
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  • 9781610699693

What did America's greatest orators say regarding significant issues and concerns throughout United States history? This three-volume set examines hundreds of the most historically significant speeches from colonial times to the modern era, allowing readers to consider exactly what the speakers said-and to better understand the motivations behind each speech as well as the effect on the audiences that heard them.

This essential reference work presents the most important and historically significant speeches delivered since colonial times, providing in essence a documentary history of the United States through these public utterances. Readers can witness American history unfold firsthand through these stirring and at times controversial speeches-from Patrick Henry's fiery words calling for an American revolution, through the words of the 19th-century abolitionists and Lincoln's immortal Gettysburg Address, and up through the 20th century with President Wilson's famous "Fourteen Points," FDR reminding Americans that the only thing they had to fear was fear itself, and George W. Bush responding to the attacks of September 11. For students, teachers, librarians, and general readers, this indispensable work provides essential reference resources on the speeches of great significance in American history.

Each speech is prefaced by a contextual headnote that provides essential background information and specific details about the speech. This three-volume set also includes a timeline, a historical review of each era, biographical sketches of each speaker, and anecdotal sidebars containing additional information about the speech or speakers.

Presents chronologically arranged entries that provide a documentary view of American history through the speeches that have shaped the United States

Includes background material that gives students primary texts to work with and helps them develop their critical reading, thinking, and writing skills

Supplies extensive background information that places each speech in its historical context

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