Applied Chemistry and Physics

  • Taylor & Francis Ltd
  • 2020
  • Hardback
  • 324
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  • 9781138316522

Written by a hazardous materials consultant with over 40 years of experience in emergency services, the five-volume Hazmatology: The Science of Hazardous Materials suggests a new approach dealing with the most common aspects of hazardous materials, containers, and the affected environment. It focuses on innovations in decontamination, monitoring instruments, and personal protective equipment in a scientific way, utilizing common sense, and takes a risk-benefit approach to hazardous material response. This set provides the reader with a hazardous materials "Tool Box" and a guide for learning which tools to use under what circumstances.

Dealing with hazardous materials incidents cannot be accomplished effectively and safely without knowing the effects these materials have. Volume Three, Applied Chemistry and Physics, is not about teaching chemistry and physics. It is about presenting these topics at the level that emergency responders will understand so they can apply the concepts using a risk management system.


Uses a scientific approach utilizing analysis of previous incidents

Offers a risk-benefit approach based upon science and history

Provides understanding tools for your Hazmat Tool Box

Simplifies physical and chemical characteristics

Utilizes chemistry and physics to identify hazards to responders

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