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  • 2000
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  • 9781561707379

The Art of Everyday Ecstasy


According to tantra, sexual energy is thc creative energy of thc universe. In this uniquely informative dialogue between Margot Anand and Deepak Chopra, M.D., this concept is discussed with humor, openness, and honesty.

Some of the points that are brought to light in this fascinating audio program include:
-- The peak experience of sexuality, otherwise known as orgasm, is in fact a state of unity consciousness where the lover and the beloved become one. At that moment of ecstasy, our true nature is revealed, and it is eternal and unbounded.
-- We need to heal our relationship to our ancestors, because our relationship to sexuality is totally colored by our first interaction with the opposite sex, which is through the father for women and the mother for men.
-- Sexual energy is the physical manifestation of our spiritual power, so if we honor sexual union in its sacred dimension, then we can acknowledge our need to be creative, playful, and free and to produce more and more of the god and goddess within us.

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