Art of Flavor

  • Riverhead Books
  • 2017
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  • eng
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  • 9780698197169

As seen in Food52, Los Angeles Times, and BloombergTwo masters of compositiona chef and a perfumerpresent a revolutionary new approach to creating delicious food. Michelin two-star chef Daniel Patterson and celebrated natural perfumer Mandy Aftel are experts at orchestrating ingredients. Yet even in a world awash in cooking shows and food blogs, they noticed, home cooks get little guidance in the art of flavor. In this trailblazing guide, they share the secrets to making the most of your ingredients via an indispensable set of tools and principles: *;The Four Rules for creating flavor *;A Flavor Compass that points the way to transformative combinations *;The flavor-heightening effects of cooking methods *;';Locking,' ';burying,' and other aspects of cooking alchemy *;The Seven Dials that let you fine-tune a dish With more than eighty recipes that demonstrate each concept and put it into practice, The Art of Flavor is food for the imagination that will help cooks at any level to become flavor virtuosos.