Associations and Professional Organisations in Financial Services

  • Oxford University Press
  • 2005
  • Hardback
  • 398
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  • 1
  • 9781904501091

This global reference work is the first to identify and provide key information on over 750 leading associations and professional organizations, both national and international, which reflect the size, diversity and specializations of the financial services industry. Many of these bodies have regulatory responsibilities which impact directly on financial institutions; others have different roles such as offering accreditation to financial institutions, or providing
marketing channels, training facilities, professional qualifications, discussion fora, setting of standards, information services, or other significant membership benefits. A global information resource such as Associations and Professional Organizations in Financial Services therefore has significant
value for financial institutions and their professional advisors. All data has been verified by the bodies included and covers the following:

- Address, phone, fax, email, website
- Directors and officers/executives
- Aims and activities
- Chapters/sections
- Membership numbers
- Qualifications for membership
- Qualifications & training offered
- Membership fees
- History (background, date of establishment, former names)
- Principal publications
- Events calendar (dates & locations of conferences and assemblies)

A small sample of the associations covered includes: American Association of Bank Directors, American Financial Services Association, Association of Insurance Compliance Professionals, Australian Investors Association, Bond Market Association, Canadian Securities Institute, Hedge Fund Associations, International Swaps & Derivatives Association, Investment Management Association, Societe Francaise des Analystes Financiers.

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