Astronomy in Depth

Af North & Gerald
  • Springer
  • 2012
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  • eng
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  • 9780857294265

Shell-type structures can be found almost everywhere. They appear in natural forms but also as man-made, load-bearing components in diverse engineering systems. Mankind has struggled to replicate nature's optimization of such structures but using modern computational tools it is now possible to analyse, design and optimise them systematically. Analysis and Optimization of Prismatic and Axisymmetric Shell Structures features: comprehensive coverage of the background theory of shell structures; development and implementation of reliable, creative and efficient computational tools for static and free-vibration analysis and structural optimization of variable-thickness shells and folded-plate structures; integrated computer-aided curve and surface modelling tools and automatic mesh generation, structural analysis sensitivity analysis and mathematical programming methods; well-documented, downloadable Fortran software for these techniques using finite element and finite strip simulations which can be readily adapted by the reader for the solution of practical problems or for use within a teaching or research environment. Written by leading experts in finite element and finite strip methods, Analysis and Optimization of Prismatic and Axisymmetric Shell Structures will be of great interest to researchers in structural mechanics and in automotive, aerospace and civil engineering as well as to designers from all fields using shell structures for their strength-per-unit-mass advantages.