• Ig Publishing
  • 2017
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  • 9781935439585
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The Audacity of Greed


Blurbs to come from some combination of Barbara Ehrenreich, Barbara Kingsolve, Andy Stern, Jim Hoffa, Arianna Huffington, Greg Palast and Katrina vanden Heuvel Book is extremely timely, as the issues it addresses--corporate greed and the collapse of the economy--are major news stories right now. Presents an overwhelming portrait of how billions of dollars were spent by a small number of executives, who looted the system, with the taxpayers footing the bill. Author is well-known in New York, as he challenged Hillary Clinton in the 2006 Democratic Senate primary and received 16% of the vote, along with publicity. Jonathan is currently mounting progressive challenge to the NY Senate seat in 2010, which will keep his name in the news. Jonathan Tasini is nationally known for his role in suing the NY Times as head of the Writer's Union and winning a major landmark case on behalf of freelancers. Jonathan was head of the National Writers Union for 13 years. Jonathan regularly appears on CNBC and other cable news programs as an expert on labor issues. Can expect major media attention for his book.
150,00 kr.

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