• John Wiley & Sons Inc
  • 2016
  • Paperback
  • 384
  • Sproget er ikke defineret
  • 1
  • 9781118758182

B2B Marketing For Dummies


Jump into successful B2B marketing with this comprehensive guide

If your business operates within the business-to-business (B2B) market by selling goods or services to other businesses, then B2B marketing is the lifeblood of your company. B2B Marketing For Dummies takes the mystery out of the various intertwined practices that make up successful B2B marketing campaigns, and shows you how to combine those practices to create your own lucrative initiatives.

Written in the fun, friendly style that the For Dummies series of books is known for, this comprehensive, hands-on guide to B2B marketing will serve as your playbook for understanding the underlying principles of business-to-business marketing, and applying those principles in a manner that breeds success. First you'll jump into an exploration of exactly what B2B marketing is, and then grow to understand the multi-layered strategy of communications, campaigns, and relationship management involved with this type of marketing effort.
The book will help readers: * Fully understand the differences between B2B and B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing practices, and understand how to use B2B marketing to convert targeted business prospects into clients * Put together a successful, multi-tiered B2B marketing strategy * Create meaningful content that will help drive your marketing initiatives * Understand how to use technology and social media in your B2B marketing campaigns * Measure the success of your campaigns and use your data wisely

If you're a business owner or sales professional looking to fully understand B2B marketing and start putting your own campaigns to work today, this comprehensive and fun guide can help get you where you want to go.

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