Become Capable Today

Af Gorman & Dirk
  • Dirk Gorman
  • 2010
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  • 9781617920059

While it has been said that passion is the most important ingredient for success in any undertaking, the secrets to becoming passionate remain a mystery for most of us. As a result, people spend years of their lives searching in vain for passion, never knowing it is something that can be created by anyone. Become Capable Today is an easy-to-follow blueprint for creating and maintaining passion for any goal you wish to achieve. As you apply the simple principles in your daily life, you will begin operating at peak performance and building a network of other successful people to inspire and support you. This process can be applied to the individual as well as to entire organizations, enabling both to achieve more than they ever dreamed possible. Become Capable Today is an invaluable asset for achieving sustainable success in the business world and is a must read for anyone serious about winning in the 21st century.