Becoming a data-driven Organisation

  • Springer Vieweg
  • 2019
  • Elektronisk medie
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  • English
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  • 9783662603048

Data is the foundation of any current and future market transformation during this digital era. Companies are expected to adjust or to disappear. However, following assessments by Gartner and Forrester during the past two years, only a small fraction of all enterprises has adequately addressed the handling of data so far. Yet, more and more business leaders have become aware of the topic. They recognize the increasing relevance of data, and the need to act now. Those leaders will welcome this book as it guides them through the first steps in their journey towards a data-driven organisation.This book brings the topic of Data and its commercial usage to the attention of a broad range of business leaders. It encourages you to get engaged, by explaining in a non-technical way what data comprises, which opportunities wait to get discovered and, most importantly, how to prepare and launch the introduction of a Data Office in a company.