Becoming a Metacognitive Teacher: A Guide for Early and Preservice Teachers

  • Teachers College Press
  • 2020
  • 0
  • English
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  • 9780807778654

How can early and preservice teachers master the complex practice of teaching? This clearly written, research-based guide shows how to successfully navigate coursework, build relationships with mentors, and negotiate fieldwork and student teaching while developing metacognitive thinking skills. These are skills that allow teachers to continuously reflect on instructional practices and adapt them to fit their own teaching context and their students’ diverse needs. Metacognitive teaching requires higher-level thought processes that, for teachers, include making connections among each segment of the teacher preparation program, as well as deciding how these experiences directly and effectively apply to their classrooms. The authors argue that this kind of support is needed early in the journey of a teacher if they are to succeed and remain in the classroom.

“To foster metacognitive thinking among our students, teachers must have sophisticated metacognitive skills themselves. This unique and well-grounded text demonstrates the critical role of metacognition in developing the craft of effective teaching for preservice and novice teachers."
—William Brozo, professor of literacy, School of Education, George Mason University

“Comprehensive and practical, this text provides an artful and thoughtful blend of strategies for prospective teachers' personal and professional development. The goal of developing thinking teachers who keep their students at the forefront is supported with the author’s discussion of their and others’ personal and research histories, rich vignettes, and access to multiple digital resources (e.g., TED talks, blogs, instructional videos).  A text for both teacher educators and prospective teachers.”
—Victoria J. Risko, professor emerita, Vanderbilt University