Beginning Urdu

  • Georgetown University Press
  • 2012
  • Paperback
  • 688
  • urd
  • 1
  • 9781589017788

"Beginning Urdu" is a complete first-year textbook designed to help learners acquire the language by actively using it in realistic situations. This book and its accompanying audio files on CD contain all that is needed to complete one full year of study, including clear explanations of language structures; useful, fun, and engaging activities; and an organizational format that makes it easy to chart student progress. This title develops all four skills-listening, speaking, reading, writing-through a wide range of tasks and activities, including role plays, games, and short conversations. It is beautifully illustrated with full-color, authentic images and written in an accessible style. It introduces the sound system and script of Urdu. It is organized around functional themes such as home and family, everyday life, the marketplace, personal responsibilities, and travel. It features straightforward grammatical explanations and topically organized vocabulary lists for each of the 34 chapters. It integrates cultural information within the thematic units and also presents culture through aphorisms, poetry, and photographs.
It provides an activity set for each unit along with review activities, including tips for increasing fluency and sets of questions to help personalize learning. It contains Urdu-English and English-Urdu glossaries. It includes three appendices-Urdu numbers, additional grammatical structures for moving to advanced levels of proficiency, and a suggested syllabus. "Beginning Urdu" covers approximately 150 contact hours and is designed to bring learners to the ACTFL proficiency level of mid- to high-intermediate in all four skills. This book also serves as a valuable resource for independent learners.

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