Bio-Based Epoxy Polymers, Blends, and Composites

  • Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH
  • 2021
  • Hardback
  • 400
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  • 9783527346486

State-of-the-art overview on bioepoxy polymers as well as their blends and composites -- covering all aspects from fundamentals to applications!

Bioepoxy polymers is an emerging area and have attracted more and more attention due to their biodegradability and good thermo-mechanical performance. In recent years, research progress has been made in synthesis, processing, characterization, and applications of bioepoxy blends and composites. Bioepoxy polymers are very promising candidates to replace the traditional thermosetting nonbiodegradable polymers.

Bio-Based Epoxy Polymers, Blends and Composites summaries recent research progress on bioepoxy polymers as well as their blends and composites. It covers aspects from synthesis, processing, various characterization techniques to broad spectrum of applications. It provides a correlation of physical properties with macro, micro and nanostructures of the materials. Moreover, research trends, future directions, and opportunities are also discussed.

Attracts attention: Bioepoxy polymers are environmentally friendly and considered as a promising candidate to replace the traditional thermosetting nonbiodegradable polymers

Highly application-oriented: Bioepoxy polymers can be used in a broad range of applications such as polymer foams, construction, aerospace, automobiles, self-healing systems

One-stop reference: Covers all aspects of bioepoxy polymer, their blends and composites, such as synthesis, properties, processing, characterization and applications

Broad audience: Attracts attention from both academia and industry

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