Blood at Sundown

  • Pinnacle Books
  • 2018
  • Elektronisk medie
  • 416
  • eng
  • Udgave er ikke defineret
  • 9780786043491

A novel of brutality and justice in the Dakota territory from the Spur Award finalist: ';Brandvold writes a lot like L'Amour.'The Forum (Fargo, ND) In Lou Prophet's lawless West, justice comes from the barrel of a gunhis gun. Peter Brandvold's acclaimed two-fisted Westerns tell of the bloody days (and thrilling nights) of the bounty hunter called Prophet, and the dangerous woman he dared to love. . . . BLOOD AT SUNDOWN Lou Prophet and the deadly Louisa Bonaventure have torn a bloody swath across Dakota territory in search of the Griff Hatchley gang. When they finally catch up to them, an epic blizzard threatens to turn the Dakota prairie into a frozen hell. To bag their prey before the storm hits, Prophet and Louisa split upand take separate paths towards damnation. DEATH IN THE SNOW Prophet's course takes him into a town packed to the gills with the deadliest outlaws that roamed the frontier, while Louisa gets caught in Sundown, a one-horse town where a hatchet-wielding maniac threatens to paint Main Street red. When spring's thaw comes, they'll find a city of corpses beneath the snow. And nobody gives a damn about the law . . . ';Here's a writer with the hot, fast violence of the early Mickey Spillane and the guts to write what he wants.'Tom McNulty,Dispatches From the Last Outlaw