Blueprint for Engagement

  • Productivity Press
  • 2018
  • 0
  • English
  • 1
  • 9781351718905

Authentic leadership is an approach to leadership that emphasizes building the leader’s legitimacy through honest relationships with followers which value their input and are built on an ethical foundation. By building trust and generating enthusiastic support from their subordinates, authentic leaders are able to improve individual and team performance. Many scholars and practitioners of authentic leadership say that the number one quality of an authentic leader is self-awareness. Self-aware leaders are transformational. Armed with self-awareness they build engaging, cooperative teams. How to gain and sustain self-awareness is the focus of the book. This book addresses current leadership challenges in health care and gives leaders guidelines for finding, living and sharing their authentic voice at home and at work. It is a much needed handbook to give current leaders perspective and practical tips to being more authentic, communicating more effectively while building engaging rapport across the organization. Additionally, a focus of the book is patient satisfaction. With a focus on nurse and physician leadership, this book provides new perspectives and action plans to increase patient satisfaction through communication that speaks to the needs of the patient in authentic and engaging ways.