• Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co ,U.S.
  • 2011
  • Paperback
  • 274
  • Sproget er ikke defineret
  • 2
  • 9780757589454

Both Sides of the Curtain: An Introduction to the Art of Theater


There is something magical about being a theatre artist. An introduction to theatre course is often the first step into a fascinating world. Both Sides of the Curtain: An Introduction to the Art of Theatre bridges the gap between being a student in a lecture class and developing a passion for theatre.

The text itself is divided into three units: the first four chapters help to familiarize students with theatre as an art form, the middle portion of the text walks the student through Western and world theatre history from the birth of this art form to contemporary trends and artists, and the final section of the text takes an up close look at the various artists who collaborate to create a live theatrical performance.

Each chapter:

- starts with an important quote and important terminology is highlighted with a description of each term in the margins
- includes large full-color images
- features Center Stage Spotlights that highlight the life and work of important theatre artists.
- ends with three guidelines titled "Key Terms," "Names Worth Knowing," and "Plays of Note," laying at the students' fingertips all the important information they will need to remember and a list of plays they should become familiar with from that period.

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