Breakfast with the Alien and Other Short, Short Stories

Af Roensch & Greg
  • Greg Roensch
  • 2017
  • 208
  • eng
  • Udgave er ikke defineret
  • 9780998623016

A mysterious woman stumbles into a campground in the dead of the night. A pair of extraterrestrials conducts a secret mission in a hospital maternity ward. An arctic tour guide loses radio contact with his ship. A young island girl dreams of a new life in a foreign land. In this collection of short, short stories some just a few paragraphs long Greg Roensch breathes life into characters from all walks of life and creates whole worlds, many of which exist in the shadowy realm between dream and reality. Full of chance encounters and missed opportunities, these stories remind us that life is strange, frightening, remarkable ... and always surprising.