British Battles 493937

  • Anthem Press (NBN)
  • 2020
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  • English
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  • 9781785272257

British Battles 493–937 deals with thirteen conflicts, either locating them correctly or explaining some of their aspects which have puzzled historians. They include the following: Mount Badon (493) at Braydon, Wiltshire; battles of the British hero Arthur (the legendary 'King Arthur') (536–7) in southern Scotland or the borders; 'Degsastan' (603) at Dawyck, on the River Tweed, Scotland; Maserfelth (642) at Forden, on the Welsh border; the Viking victory of 'Alluthèlia' (844) at Bishop Auckland, near Durham; and the English triumph of Brunanburh (937) at Lanchester, also near Durham. British Battles 493–937 is, thus, one of the most revolutionary books ever published on war in Britain and is a valuable resource for battle archeologists and research historians.