The Business of Investment Banking

  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
  • 2006
  • Hardback
  • 456
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  • 2
  • 9780471739647

In recent years, monumental events have altered the financial landscape, and the investment banking industry has been likewise transformed. In the United States, deregulation has permitted new affiliations among banks, securities firms, and insurance companies, allowing them to offer a broader range of services. At the same time, deregulation overseas has spurred investment in foreign markets and accelerated a sweeping trend toward globalization. On the other hand, corporate scandals like those at Enron and WorldCom have prompted Congress to impose stringent new regulations in an effort to restore public confidence in the capital markets. Meanwhile, advances in information technology have changed the way Wall Street firms present their products to the public and have made vast informational resources available online. Investment banks must navigate the shifting regulatory terrain and counter mounting competition, while taking full advantage of burgeoning investment banking opportunities. In meeting these challenges, timely and accurate information is a critical asset. In The Business of Investment Banking, Dr. K.
Thomas Liaw provides an inclusive, up-to-date guide to the evolving investment banking industry. In this new edition, Dr. Liaw offers a substantial revision of his bestselling text, responding to requests from educators and professionals alike. Incorporating the most recent developments in the industry, the author describes: * Financial holding companies, full-service investment banks, boutique investment banks, and their lines of businesses * Strategies for risk management, such as market risk, credit risk, operating risk, reputation risk, legal risk, and funding risk * Career opportunities in investment banking, career paths, recruitment, and the application and interview process * Key investment banking operations, including venture capital and buyouts, M&A services, equity underwriting, debt underwriting, securitization, financial engineering, investment management, and securities services * Fundamentals for successful trading, arbitrage strategies, and technical trading techniques * Regulatory issues and strategies relating to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and analyst conflict of interest * Ethics and professionalism In addition, Dr.
Liaw discusses investment banking opportunities in China, Japan, the EMU, and emerging markets, as well as the special challenges that come with globalization. A staple of industry training programs and a valued reference among banking professionals in its first edition, The Business of Investment Banking, Second Edition adds a wealth of new information to an already indispensable practical resource.

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