Business Recoded

Af Fisk & Peter
  • Wiley
  • 2020
  • Elektronisk medie
  • eng
  • 1
  • 9781119680000

CMI MANAGEMENT BOOK OF THE YEAR 2021 - SHORTLIST'Business Recoded is a great source of inspiration for leaders who want to explore, shape and prepare themselves for the future.'ALEXANDER OSTERWALDER, author of Business Model Generation and The Invincible Company 'It is not often that we have moments of magic in any business. What Peter has given us is more than just ideas and inspiration, but a whole way of thinking about how we could reinvent our future, and start making it happen tomorrow.'ALBERTO UNCINI-MANGANELLI, GM and SVP, Adidas 'With energy, enthusiasm and a deep reservoir of fantastic examples, Peter Fisk maps out what each of us needs to do in order to re-calibrate ourselves and our organizations to create the future. Business Recoded is persuasive and compelling.'STUART CRAINER, founder, Thinkers50 'Peter Fisk s excellent new book, Business Recoded, will help recode your business by tapping into the minds of some of the world s most brilliant business leaders. It s a must-read for anyone in need of a quick fix of inspiration and tried-and-tested advice.'MARTIN LINDSTROM, author of Buyology and Small Data 'Peter Fisk is a terrific storyteller with an encyclopaedic grasp of best business practices across the globe. If you want to disrupt the future of your business, this book is your decoder ring.'WHITNEY JOHNSON, author of Disrupt Yourself 'A brilliant collection of practical guidelines intended to refresh and reinvent our mindsets, from a global thoughtful leader with vast experience in management development.'SANTIAGO INIGUEZ, President of IE University. 'Business Recoded is definitely a must-read for leaders that want to succeed with their organizations in our fast-changing world.'ANTONIO NIETO-RODRIGUEZ, author of The Project Revolution Business needs a new code for success!Change is dramatic, pervasive and relentless. The challenges are numerous. The opportunities are greater. Incredible technologies and geopolitical shifts, complex markets and stagnating growth, demanding customers and disruptive entrepreneurs, environmental crisis and social distrust, unexpected shocks and uncertain futures. The old codes that got us here don't work anymore. Moving forwards needs a new mindset. Business Recoded is for business leaders who seek to progress in today s rapidly changing world, and to create the organisations that will thrive in tomorrow's world. It explores how to lead a better future, to reimagine your business, to reinvent markets, to energise your people. It describes how to combine profit with more purpose, intelligent technologies with creative people, radical innovation with sustainable impact. It dives deep into the minds of some of today's most inspiring business leaders - people like Anne Wojcicki and Jeff Bezos, Emily Weiss and Devi Shetty, Daniel Ek and Tan Le, Mary Barra and Masayoshi Son, Satya Nadella and Zhang Ruimin. Learn from the innovative strategies of incredible companies Alibaba and Amazon, Babylon and BlackRock, Meituan Dianping and Microsoft, Narayana Health and Netflix, Patagonia and PingAn, Spotify and Supercell, and many more. The book is built on 7 seismic shifts driving a more enlightened future of business, unlocking 49 codes that collectively define a new DNA for organisations and their leadership. It's about you realising your future potential - by developing your own codes for more enlightened progress, personal and business success. Do you have the courage to create a better future, for you and your business?