Capacity Of Vice

  • Saint-Savage
  • 2012
  • 0
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  • 9780985576318

A troubled man who can't or won't speak, reliving tiny slices of his past, one painful bite at a time, decides that the best way to &quote;vent&quote; is by becoming a vigilante... A female detective whose moral compass has compelled her to blow the whistle on corruption in her department, making her a pariah, becomes obsessed with a serial killer who has murdered her partner... And the madman himself, a nearly unstoppable physical brute, does constant battle with his disturbed mind, which leads him on a horrific killing spree through Chicago's mean streets... The gritty mystery of the men's past carefully unfolds as their destinies and the detective's converge, culminating in a final resolution to the Windy City's serial killer problem. &quote;There is a capacity of virtue in us, and there is a capacity of vice to make your blood creep.&quote;-Ralph Waldo Emerson