Cat Tales

  • Xlibris US
  • 2009
  • 219
  • eng
  • Udgave er ikke defineret
  • 9781469121925

Cat Tales is a collection of stories that will take you on a journey of your heartand mind. Youll read about Pat who is convinced that a kitten saved her life when shehad all but given up her battle with cancer. Then theres Christine who discoveredthat a cat named Sydney turned out to be her best friend when she neededfriendship the most. Renas most unusual request for Dr. Eisen left everyonereevaluating the importance of feline companionship. When Tiffany needed helpfrom the other side of the Atlantic, it was her human cousin in the United Statesthat helped save her life. Then theres Tivo, the shy cat, who forged a bondthat taught Greg and his family to accept and embrace a common disability thataffects many children and adults today. Youll spend time with Cindy who knowsthat even the most forgotten felines can become the most loveable and cherishedcats of all. Some stories will make you purr, some will make you mew and all will makeyou tenderly remember those unforgettable felines in your own life; those catsthat left indelible paw prints in your heart forever.