Chainmail Bottle Carriers

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  • 2016
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  • 9781483568386

Chainmail Bottle Carriers is a starter guide to making useful, attractive and fun projects with metal and other materials. It is meant to help beginners to learn techniques and develop skills while providing options to go on beyond the projects presented to create new and unique designs. The book goes beyond simple sets of instructions to help the reader understand why and how to do things as well as what to do. It is intended both as a starting point for the novice and part of the ongoing conversation with those already skilled in working with rings. Patrick Kidder AKA Farangian has been crafting chainmail since the mid 1990's when he built his first chainmail shirt. He teaches mail technique for useful and artistic purposes as well as a problem solving exercise and stress relief technique. As an artist/mailer/educator he continues to create, teach and inspire in the American North West.