Challenges & Updates in Pediatric Pathology, An Issue of Surgical Pathology Clinics: Volume 13-4

  • Elsevier - Health Sciences Division
  • 2020
  • Hardback
  • 240
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  • 9780323775786

This issue of Surgical Pathology Clinics, guest edited by Dr. Jessica Davis, is devoted to Challenges & Updates in Pediatric Pathology. Articles in this issue include: Advances and Pitfalls in the Diagnosis of Hirschsprungs Disease, Updates in Pediatric Enteropathies: Differential Diagnosis, Testing, and Genetics, Pediatric Liver Tumors: Updates in Classification, New Prognostic Indicators in Pediatric Adrenal Tumors: Neuroblastoma & Adrenal Cortical Tumors, Pediatric Cystic Lung Lesions, Strategies for the Neonatal Lung Biopsy: Histology to Genetics, Wilm's Tumor: Challenges and Newcomers in Prognosis, Pediatric Renal Tumors: Updates in the Molecular Era, Newcomers in Vascular Anomalies, Spindle Cell Rhabdomyosarcoma: Further Subcategorization, Pediatric & Infantile Fibroblastic/myofibroblastic Tumors in the Molecular Era, Round Cell Sarcomas: Newcomers and Diagnostic Approaches, CNS Embryonal Tumors: Testing Strategies for Integrated Diagnosis, Updates in Pediatric Gliomas, and more.

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