Chinese Public Pensions Analyzed by OLG Models

  • Nova Science Publishers Inc
  • 2015
  • Hardback
  • 162
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  • 1
  • 9781634639798

This book investigates the urban and rural public pension systems in China with overlapping-generations (OLG) models. This book is composed of three parts. Part one analyses the urban public pension system, part two explores the rural public pension system, and part three discusses some possible public pension systems. It is difficult to find a book to study the Chinese public pension systems with the OLG model. This book can fill the gap in the market. It has the following distinctive features. Firstly, instead of pay-as-you-go or fully funded public pension systems, this book studies the Chinese partially funded pension systems that combines the social pool account with individual accounts. Each chapter includes the author's original work. Secondly, it investigates the public pension systems in a way of following proper sequence and making steady progress. This is convenient for readers to deepen their understanding of the Chinese public pension systems with OLG models. This book is fit for scholars outside China who are interested in the Chinese public pension systems, researchers in China who want to investigate the Chinese public pension systems with the OLG model, doctoral students, master degree students and senior undergraduate students. This book can help scholars outside China to promote their research on the Chinese public pension systems. Secondly, economists in developed countries studied public pension systems by employing OLG model since 1970s; but the model is still strange for most Chinese scholars. This book can help them to utilise the model, describe their research in English and express it in a comparative normal presentation. Thirdly, this book can provide references for doctoral students, master degree students and senior undergraduate students to learn how to use OLG models to study Chinese public pensions. Finally, it can open a door to the world outside China, show the state of research on public pension systems with OLG mode in China, and promote exchange and talk for the Chinese and foreign academic circles.

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