Chromatic Homes

  • The University Press of Kentucky
  • 2019
  • Paperback
  • 84
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  • 9780813178837

This coloring book is like no other on the market. It's a celebration of chromatic homes, the alluring and ornate structures that grace our most charming and beautiful cities, such as Louisville, Cincinnati, San Francisco, New Orleans, and Miami, and have been around for centuries in far-flung places such as Havana, Venice, Amsterdam, Brazil, and Moscow. This captivating collection also teaches and explores the art and science of the use of color in historic preservation, architecture, neighborhood design, and planning.

As this book illustrates, color is a powerful tool - it enlightens, entertains, and transforms - and when color graces chromatic homes, it can enhance, revive, and regenerate a community. This vibrant, engaging, and inviting book provides an escape to a world of inspiration, artistic fulfillment, and appreciation for these homes. Containing fifty-seven pages of illustrations, this edition is an effective and fun-filled way to enjoy and appreciate the homes' beauty, while also encouraging imagination and the creation of a unique work of art.

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