A Comprehensive Study of Tang Poetry

  • Taylor & Francis Ltd
  • 2021
  • Andet
  • 328
  • English
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  • 9780367649098

Tang poetry is one of the most valuable cultural inheritances of Chinese history. Its distinctive aesthetics, delicate language and diverse styles constitute great literature in itself, as well as a rich topic for literary study. This two-volume set is the masterpiece of Professor Lin Geng, one of China's most respected literary historians, and reflects decades of active research into Tang poetry, covering the "Golden Age" of Chinese poetry (618-907 CE).

In the first volume, the author provides a general understanding of poetry in the "High Tang" era from a range of perspectives. Starting with an indepth discussion of the Romantic tradition and historical context, the author focuses on poetic language patterns, Youth Spirit, maturity symbols, and prototypes of poetry. The author demonstrates that the most valuable part of Tang poetry is how it can provide people with a new perspective on every aspect of life.

The second volume focuses on the prominent Tang poets and poems. Beginning with an introduction to the "four greatest poets"-Li Bai, Du Fu, Wang Wei, and Bai Juyi-the author discusses their subjects, language, influence, and key works. The volume also includes essays on a dozen masterpieces of Tang poetry, categorized by topics such as love and friendship, aspirationsand seclusion, as well as travelling and nostalgia. As the author stresses, Tang poetry is worth rereading because it makes us invigorate our mental wellbeing, leaving it powerful and full of vitality.

This book will appeal to researchers and students of Chinese literature, especially of classical Chinese poetry. People interested in Chinese culture will also benefit from the book.

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