A Comprehensive Study of Tang Poetry

  • Taylor & Francis Ltd
  • 2021
  • Hardback
  • 384
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  • 9780367649098

Tang poetry is one of the most valuable cultural inheritances of Chinese history. Its distinctive aesthetics, delicate language and diverse styles constitute great Literature in itself, as well as a rich topic for literary study. This two-volume set constitutes a classic analysis of Tang poetry in the "Golden Age" of Chinese poetry (618-907 A.D).

This two-volume set is the masterpiece of Professor Lin Geng, one of China's most respected literary historians, and reflects decades of active research into Tang poetry, covering the "Golden Age" of Chinese poetry (618-907 A.D). In the first volume, the author analyses Tang poetry from different perspectives before going on to introduce the prominent poets and poems of Tang poetry as well as its key themes. Believing that poetry is not to be imitated, the author presents his creative perspective in the understanding the Tang poetry.

This book will appeal to researchers and students of Chinese literature, especially of classical Chinese poetry. People interested in Chinese culture will also benefit from the book.

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