Continuous Media with Microstructure

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  • 2014
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  • 9783642425646

This book is a collection of papers dedicated to Professor Dr. Krzysztof Wilman 'ski onthe occasionof his 70thbirthday. The bookcontains25 cont- butions of his friends and colleagues. He met the invited authors at di?erent stagesofhisscienti?ccareerofalmost50yearssothatthecontributionscover a wide range of ?elds stemming from continuum mechanics. This happened at numerous universities and research institutes where he both taught and did his excellent research work, e. g. * the University of Lod ' ' z, Poland, where he studied Civil Engineering and did his diploma work onElastic-plastic thermal stresses in a thin ring and where he graduated with his PhD-work in the ?eld of Continuous Models of Discrete Systems, * theInstituteofFundamentalTechnologicalResearchofthePolishAcademy of Sciences in Warsaw, where he got his habilitation in the ?eld Non- cal Continuum Mechanics and where he was the head of the Research Group Continuum Thermodynamics. He collaborated with W. Fiszdon, L. Turski, Cz. Wozniak, H.
Zorski and others on the topics axiomatic and kinetic foundations of continuumthermodynamics, theory of mixtures, phase transformations in solids, * theJohnsHopkinsUniversityinBaltimore,US,wherehe workedtogether, e. g. with C. Truesdell, J. Ericksen and W. Williams, on axiomatic and kinetic foundations of continuum thermodynamics, * the College of Engineering, University of Baghdad, Iraq, where he was a Visiting Professor and taught many courses, * theUniversityofPaderbornandtheTechnicalUniversityBerlin,Germany, wherehe had an Alexander von Humboldt Stipend andcontractsasa V- iting Professor (works on a model of crystallizing polymers, on a nonlocal thermodynamicmodelofplasmasandelectrolytesandonmartensiticphase transformations), * the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (Institute for Advanced Studies), G- many,whereheworkedtogetherwithe. g. I.

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