• Texas A&M University Press
  • 2007
  • 344
  • eng
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  • 9781603444514

';Thompson's book provides not only a powerfully written history of a Mexican American who symbolizes ';resistance to oppression and intolerance,' but also a clear, cogent explanation of the relationship between the United States and Mexico as they face each other across the Texas border.'Journal of American History';Jerry Thompson has produced the definitive work on one of the most controversial and influential Mexicano/Tejano figures of Texas and Southwestern history . . . . With stunning clarity and balance, Thompson has provided a much-needed narrative interpretation that brings to life one of the more colorful figures of Texas, Border, and Chicano histories.'Hispanic Outlook';Jerry Thompson has performed a difficult feat: comprehensively examining a life that had almost as many turns as a circle.'Journal of Southern History';This is the most well-researched and thorough account of Juan Nepomuceno Cortina's life that we have. . . . This book certainly shows that Cortina ';established his niche in the grand sweep of time,' but it will be left to other scholars to follow the many trails hinted at by Thompson.'Western Historical Quarterly';Jerry Thompson's sympathetic but balanced biography is a ';must read' for all students of Texas history and Anglo-Hispanic relations.'East Texas Historical Journal