Cracking The Hidden Job Market

Af Asher & Donald
  • Ten Speed Press
  • 2010
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  • 9781580086394

Can't find a job? Maybe you're seeing only half the picture! Half the job market is invisibleAre you spending all your time applying to posted job openingspostings that draw hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of applications? No matter how perfect you are for the job, there is always someone else who's a little more qualified, more experienced. The key to success in the current job market is breaking through to the hidden job market. Over half of all jobs go to someone who did not apply to a posted opening at all. What are they doing and how are they doing it? They're finding new jobs before the posting hits the Internet.Career guru Donald Asher offers proven strategies for finding great opportunities in any industry. With Cracking the Hidden Job Market you'll stop wasting time and effort and beat the job-search odds by learning how to:*; find jobs that are never posted anywhere*; get complete strangers to help you find a job*; convince potential employers to give you an intervieweven when they're ';not hiring'*; findand landthe new jobs in this, or any, economyEvery page of Cracking the Hidden Job Market is packed with no-frills fundamentals to change the way you look for a job, this timeand forever!